2013 The Year In Review (with highlights from 2012)

Yes, I am writing this year in review A YEAR EARLY. The way I like looking at goals is as if they are already accomplished, because this helps train my brain to expect them to happen, to expect me to do what it takes to get them done. It works…most of the time. (I’ve noticed … Continue reading


Last week’s post on piano-playing and success is still swirling around in my brain. How many hobbies have I had? Piano Jewelry-making Tennis Rock-climbing Painting Fortune-telling (I was nine. My “crystal ball” was a marble.) Embroidery and sewing I’m certain I’ve forgotten some. Writing used to be a hobby. Now I try to think of … Continue reading


Last weekend, Homes and my father-in-law drove to a friend’s house in Mendocino and came back with a piano. But wait, there’s more. We already have a piano. The old piano is awesome in character and appearance. It’s at least a hundred years old, I’m sure, with a marbly-looking old wood that goes perfect in … Continue reading

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