Some Ways to Recharge

We ALL need rest (although try telling that to my five-year-old). So I started thinking about what helps me relax and stock up on energy…here are my ideas. 1. I prepare for recharging like I’d prepare for a visit from a friend. Yes, this is a little counter-intuitive because I’m doing some work up front, … Continue reading

The Eye of Sauron

I feel like such a cheater, making Lord of the Rings references when I haven’t even read the books. But I’ve totally watched the movies – the extended versions, even! – multiple times. So that sort of counts, right? (Even though I fast-forward through the Frodo scenes?) (Sorry, but he’s such a whiner he makes … Continue reading

WWTBWD? What would the Baby Whisperer do?

The Baby Whisperer has earned my eternal gratitude. It was her middle-of-the-road approach (i.e. not making the baby cry it out, but also not letting the baby sleep in my lap) that got Z into her bed, and it’s been mostly successful with Maverick. Mostly. The little stinker is DETERMINED to flip onto his stomach. … Continue reading

Sleeps Like a Baby

A very quick post. 1) How is it that when I stick Maverick in his crib and I lie down in my bed, every tiny little snort and gurgle keeps me awake? 2) And how is it that I just put him down for a nap to the lullaby of jackhammers in the street outside … Continue reading

Postpartum Barbie

My little Maverick is one month old. I can’t help but compare him to Z when she was an infant. And it isn’t fair to either of them. But briefly: THIS IS A WHOLE LOT EASIER. It’s harder in many ways. Juggling two little people instead of one. Trying to get Maverick to sleep when … Continue reading

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