Z Goes to School

“I don’t want to tell you about that right now.” That’s what she tells me when I pick her up at school and ask what she did. That and, “Later. I’ll tell you a tiny little bit later.” If preschool’s going to make her secretive and controlling, then I’m taking her out right now. But … Continue reading

17 Days

On August 22nd, I hope to begin a new morning routine. It will go something like this: 6:30. Start to wake up. 7:00. Be out of bed (or else). Begin fixing breakfast. 7:45. Finish eating breakfast (at this point, I will have been finished with my peanut butter on toast and will have been avidly … Continue reading

Monday Maybe-a-Book-Review Day

Okay, so here’s the thing. I could write a book review for today, but I’m not really feeling it. What I am feeling is working on my manuscript, which does, quite honestly, begin to unravel on page 200 (better than page 115, which is how it used to be before my revision marathon, a.k.a. The … Continue reading

The Weekly Chore Schedule (Or, Trying to be Less of a Slacker Mom)

Welcome  to my home. Wait, wait, don’t step there. Ouch. Those Duplos really hurt. In fact, you might want to keep your gaze on the floor as you navigate our hazardous halls. If you stumble on a stuffed animal and grab the piano for support, you may want to wipe off the dust that sticks … Continue reading

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