The Social Media Existential Balancing Angst of Flailing and Pondering and Sometimes Missing Stuff

A few weeks ago, I took a hiatus from social media thingies. It was refreshing. I had more time to do other stuff. Here’s the thing, though – I missed out on stuff, too. Probably a lot of stuff. The silver lining is I’ll never know what stuff I missed out on. I’d love to … Continue reading

Home Library Challenge

How many times have you looked at the books on your shelf and thought, I should really stop buying books until I read the ones I have? If you’re like me, you think this all the time. I’ve expanded it to include, “I should really stop borrowing stacks of books from the library until I … Continue reading

On the Reading Horizon

Sort of unwittingly, I’ve accumulated a small mountain of books to read. In no particular order. My brain doesn’t work orderly these days anyway. Keeping the Castle, by Patrice Kindl. For everyone out there who is sad Jane Austen has finished writing books because they would like more Jane Austen-type stories, maybe with some extra, … Continue reading

Reflections on Little House on the Prairie

Housework: Ma Ingalls did a LOT of work. Just reading about all the work she did makes me feel exhausted. And it’s like, who cares if their dresses were clean and pressed? Nobody is there to see them. Me, I think I’m exerting huge effort to put on a pair of wrinkled cargo pants to … Continue reading

The MSFV Success Story Blog Hop!

Although I’m not participating in the hop this year (maybe next year? One can hope!), there is a very cool series of interviews with authors who attribute a portion of their success to Miss Snark’s First Victim. The blog tour starts on Wednesday, and you can see the lineup & links here at JM Frey’s … Continue reading

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