Again with the random bits.

I am topic-less. So. Once again, a Friday Five! 1. Pregnancy update. I can feel the baby move now, and I’m getting BIGGER and BIGGER. I see the size as a mixed blessing. On one hand, being humongous has never appealed to me, and already I’m having an awkward time trying to give myself more … Continue reading

I Kinda Miss the Little Monster

It’s been said before. In fact, I say it all the time: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I know I just dreamed of quiet, with lots of time to myself, the kind I used to have B. Z. (Before Z). But it’s really quiet. And when she comes home, she doesn’t necessarily want … Continue reading

Random Bits

No energy – sick with a cold. So let’s do a Friday Five. Z’s Great Grey Owl costume turned out really well! Husband did the feathers for the mask, I did hours of sewing for the cape o’ feathers, and she absolutely loved it. I absolutely loved sneaking chocolate from her Halloween bag. Will post … Continue reading

Z Goes to School

“I don’t want to tell you about that right now.” That’s what she tells me when I pick her up at school and ask what she did. That and, “Later. I’ll tell you a tiny little bit later.” If preschool’s going to make her secretive and controlling, then I’m taking her out right now. But … Continue reading

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