There are nights…

There are nights that sleep descends on me like a blanket coming down and I stay in sleep so easily, disturbed by not a sound. But then there are the nights with incidents my earplugs cannot mute potty breaks and whining, bed territory disputes. Driftin’, dreamin’, dozin’, snoozin’, snorin’, nappin’ Sleep never seems so crucial … Continue reading


There are, in the world, parents who probably consider us lucky that Z continued napping until she was nearly three. I try to remember this when I’m tearing out my hair and sobbing on the phone to my mom. “Quiet Time” sounds something like this. (Please note: Curly brackets {  } denote the ESM’s thoughts, … Continue reading

Writing Prompt: Found Letter

Recently I started following the YA Muses blog, after I met Katy Longshore at a local get-together. The prompt is this: “At a used book sale, you purchase a leather-bound volume. At home, you thumb through the pages and an old letter tumbles out. What does it say? Write the letter.” Here’s my response to … Continue reading

Re-Post: Grace

I’m sure I’m really missing everyone during this week of internet (nearly) blackout. If you’re really missing me, too, feel free to visit this old post, Grace: Click here to read something cool from the archives!

The No-Nap Blues

The No-Nap Blues: I’m singin’ ’em. Yesterday, I, the Ever-Suffering Mother, sat through an hour of listening to my child whine in the next room. “I don’t want to sleep. Let me up. Let me up!” (As if I were physically holding her down on the bed. However, if she’s going to continue believing herself … Continue reading

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