It makes sense not to swear around your toddler. She picks things up. She mimics you. She said “geez kid” the other day after you said, “Geez, kid, stop climbing into the bathtub.” She learns words you don’t even teach her. Like “farmer’s market,” and “soy sauce,” and the lines to “Scarborough Fair.” It’s eerie, … Continue reading

If You’re Happy and You Know It

First, two cute toddler things: 1) Z has been dancing and trying out hand motions to songs for awhile now, and I believe this is a result of a couple of different factors: the Music Together program, and the fact that I often sing to Z and recite nursery rhymes and poems instead of suffering … Continue reading

Writer Quiz

Dreamer? Wisher? Hoper? Player? [A Friday Free-for-All Entry] 1. Do you have at least seven titles but no salable manuscript? 2. Have you spent over two hours finessing your writing space (on purpose–not just cumulatively over the years)? 3. Is your Acknowledgments page already drafted (if even in your head)? 4. Do you read five … Continue reading

Mayan Pick-up Lines

For today’s Friday Free-for-All I’m cheating and recycling something I wrote a long time ago. Yeah, I need a break. It’s late. [And I don’t know what’s going on with the formatting, but I’ll fix it later…maybe.] When asked about my language learning experience, I don’t conjure up memories of singing Alouette in high school … Continue reading

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