More Kitchen Capades

So. I have long held the belief that I have no value in the kitchen whatsoever, except perhaps as a dishwasher. Not only do I subscribe to this belief, but I gladly admit it to others. Despite this belief, nay, this truth, that this woman’s place is definitely NOT in the kitchen, I continue to … Continue reading


I am supposed to be working on my novel right now, so today’s Momming Around entry is a couple photos of our new counters and sink: Eyes, look your last. The uncluttered-scheme will probably only last as long as my energy. Oh, I may as well be honest. I had to move a whole bunch … Continue reading

Mood Enhancers that Do Not Come in Capsule Form

1. ice cream–the ultimate comfort food 2. learning that my mother is bffs with an editor at a big-time publishing company (I can’t speak from experience here, but I know this would cheer me up) 3. Clarkie, my cat 4. Sarah Dessen’s novels This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever 5. Pride and Prejudice on … Continue reading

Kitchen ‘Capades

This morning I was greeted in the kitchen by the Mt. Everest of dishes, looming precipitously above me and sucking up all the oxygen with their stench. Didn’t I JUST do these? I wondered. Hasn’t there been enough kitchen cleaning for one week? Does it never end? I know I’m not the first stay-at-homie to … Continue reading

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