Deck the Halls with Easter Bunnies

Breaking News: THE EASTER BOX IS FINALLY BACK IN THE ATTIC. I’m not a big decorator for the holidays, for two reasons: 1) I’m lazy, and 2) We have too much stuff. Here’s how our decoration cycle for Christmas goes, in ten easy steps. 1. Find empty box or unobtrusive corner. 2. Clear surfaces (i.e. … Continue reading

To My Graduating Students*

*and to my students who graduated last year – I’m sorry I didn’t think to do this for you then, so now everybody’s included in this commencement address. First: I am so proud of you. Second: I don’t know where this blog post is going, so just hang out for a couple of minutes. It … Continue reading

Reverse Placebo Band-Aid Drama

Z’s a happy child. She laughs, tells jokes, loves it when I hide behind a corner and scare the pants off her when she least expects it (this runs in my family). She also tends toward the melodramatic (this also runs in my family. Fine. Just me. Shut up before I go cry myself to … Continue reading

Parenting Soundtracks

Anita Renfroe had the right idea when she created “Momisms” and sang it to the tune of the William Tell Overture. The problem is her song condenses everything, so we can’t use it in place of real parenting. Which got me thinking: I could totally use a Parenting Soundtrack (patent pending) to get me through … Continue reading


From my diary: Sometimes I am the picture of restraint. Other times, not so much. That’s all! See you on Friday with NiFtY author Elaine Cantrell!

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