Deck the Halls with Easter Bunnies

Breaking News: THE EASTER BOX IS FINALLY BACK IN THE ATTIC. I’m not a big decorator for the holidays, for two reasons: 1) I’m lazy, and 2) We have too much stuff. Here’s how our decoration cycle for Christmas goes, in ten easy steps. 1. Find empty box or unobtrusive corner. 2. Clear surfaces (i.e. … Continue reading

Welcome to my Crib

33 weeks pregnant. [No image to share. Imagine, if you will, a bloated sea mammal.] We’ve got the crib. Now it just needs a room. What? The view from here is great! Kitchen in one direction, living room in the other, and BOOM. Books. It’s a longer story than that, but I’ll try to make … Continue reading

For Sale: Lovely Maroon Curtains – CHEAP

Photographs were taken. Dances were danced. Phone calls were made. Television crews filmed, newscasters reported. (Well, not really on the filming or news reports. But they should have.) The maroon curtains are down. Dismantled. An ugly memory. Excuse me, I’m feeling a little emotional here. Because not only are the curtains a pile of excreted … Continue reading

Mommy’s Christmas Sweatshop

“If you don’t put another bead on that ornament, I’m taking the beads away!” Nothing like threats to really foster that Christmas spirit. To my credit, she asks to do the craft project. “Oh!” she says. “I want to make another orna-na-ment.” To her credit, she’s two. After threading five or six pony beads on … Continue reading

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