The Social Media Existential Balancing Angst of Flailing and Pondering and Sometimes Missing Stuff

A few weeks ago, I took a hiatus from social media thingies. It was refreshing. I had more time to do other stuff. Here’s the thing, though – I missed out on stuff, too. Probably a lot of stuff. The silver lining is I’ll never know what stuff I missed out on. I’d love to … Continue reading

Dear Blog.

Dear Blog, We’ve had a pretty good year. In fact, I think we just passed our one-year anniversary. Quick investigation reveals January 29th as our first blog post together…I didn’t bring you flowers or anything. Oops. The truth is, Blog, that when we began our relationship I was in between projects. Putting the finishing revisions … Continue reading

The Unthinkable

Three bits of randomness, and a challenge. 1. Yesterday, two wild turkeys wandered along the sidewalk past our house. Just out for a stroll in the fog. No big deal. 2. Today, I pretended fixing breakfast took a lot longer than it did, because I was reading. Yeah, that sort of sneaky behavior only works … Continue reading

Sea Change

Full fathom five, thy father lies, Of his bones are coral made, Those were pearls that were his eyes, Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change, Into something rich and strange… (Shakespeare, The Tempest) It isn’t my own poem, but it counts for Poetry Monday. Things are changing. I sense my … Continue reading

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