Cat Poo is My Kryptonite

You’d think, having been a cat owner since I was eight years old, that I’d have been exposed to the toxoplasmosis whatsit at some point. Nope. No cleaning out the litter box. Cool. No lifting of heavy objects. As if I wanted to. No lying on back. Bummer. No alcohol. What?! No sushi. Eff! Must … Continue reading

The JOYS of Pregnancy

I’m tired of whining. Even when (I think) I’m being funny, I’m still complaining. Well not today! Today I am going to share with you the WONDROUS WONDERS OF WONDER that are being pregnant. And I will conveniently leave out any complaining. Joyous Wonder #1: Maternity Jeans I’m a sweats/yoga pants girl at heart. I … Continue reading

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