When Kids Are Sick

I’m writing this with Maverick in my arms. At just one year old, he still fits in my lap, and he’s a cuddly little guy. Truth is, part of me is afraid to put him down (but not so afraid that I didn’t stick him in his crib to scream awhile ago because I was … Continue reading

Out & About Without the Baby

When you’re out and about WITH the baby, strangers smile at you. Or, rather, they smile at your baby, and you smile back because otherwise it’s just kind of awkward. It’s not like the baby regularly smiles back. Plus, even if you look like hell, you’ve got a twenty-pound excuse on your hip or in … Continue reading

Deck the Halls with Easter Bunnies

Breaking News: THE EASTER BOX IS FINALLY BACK IN THE ATTIC. I’m not a big decorator for the holidays, for two reasons: 1) I’m lazy, and 2) We have too much stuff. Here’s how our decoration cycle for Christmas goes, in ten easy steps. 1. Find empty box or unobtrusive corner. 2. Clear surfaces (i.e. … Continue reading

A Meandering and Whiny Post

For the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about the time I spend on the webternetz and what I do here. I think I’ve been thinking about it so much because time has been so scarce, and oftentimes I turn to my laptop as soon as Maverick starts one of his (too-brief) naps. … Continue reading

Reflections on Little House on the Prairie

Housework: Ma Ingalls did a LOT of work. Just reading about all the work she did makes me feel exhausted. And it’s like, who cares if their dresses were clean and pressed? Nobody is there to see them. Me, I think I’m exerting huge effort to put on a pair of wrinkled cargo pants to … Continue reading

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