And let the madness begin…

One gopher saying to other gopher, "Yup, you're still crazy, I see." The other gopher stands in front of laptop with a box of Leftover Halloween Candy next to her, with thought bubble, "But I'm having fun!"

National Novel Writing Month has begun. I wrote straight through Maverick’s nap and am 63% of the way to my goal. For the day, people! Not for the month!

Blog posts will be short on Fridays (or not at all) while I join in the writing frenzy this month.

6 Responses to “And let the madness begin…”
  1. ^H says:

    I’m writing this month, too, though I’m not entirely sure why. Guess it’s just what I do.

  2. Maggie says:

    Good luck!!

  3. PB Rippey says:

    Great! Happy writing!

  4. Beth Hull says:

    Thanks, everyone! I’m having a blast & keeping to my goals with NaNo so far. Maggie & ^H – good luck to you with your writing goals!

  5. Go, QS, go! I was like WHOA–63%? That must have been some nap. Thanks for clarifying.

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