Out & About Without the Baby

with baby

When you’re out and about WITH the baby, strangers smile at you. Or, rather, they smile at your baby, and you smile back because otherwise it’s just kind of awkward. It’s not like the baby regularly smiles back. Plus, even if you look like hell, you’ve got a twenty-pound excuse on your hip or in your shopping cart, and it’s an automatic pardon for wearing a sweatshirt with snot tracks all over it.

without baby

But when you’re out and about WITHOUT the baby, people ignore you. You’re ready to smile & answer questions about how old he is, or whether he’s talking/walking/doing magic tricks yet, because you’re accustomed to interacting with people in the grocery store or Target or the library or…okay, those are the only three places you go. But nobody looks back at you. You’re in an invisibility bubble. Because honestly, what’s interesting about a frumpy, slightly overweight woman who looks too tired to give a damn?

8 Responses to “Out & About Without the Baby”
  1. Ha! You so funny. Just as I’m responding, your FB message pops up on Oahu. It’s a sign! Go to Hawaii alone just to try it. People will smile at you. I know it! Hugs, Momma!

  2. Rachel says:


    Did you draw those cartoons?

  3. PB Rippey says:

    Once I was in a Target elevator with my sleepless baby in the Bjorn and a man said, “Oh, wow, you look so tired!”. Kind of wanted to kill him. Hope you get a solo outing soon and that it involves books and drinks with whipped cream on top.

  4. Randi says:

    I don’t know how to respond…but didn’t want to seem like the people in your pics ignoring you! I’ll smile at you, snot-stained shirt and all! Love you!

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