Friday Two, the Whoops It’s Friday Edition

I was actually working on a new novel when I remembered it is Friday, and I want to get back to that, so quickly:

1) Bourbon Penn published my short story, “Child,” which can be found here. (There’s also a link to purchase a print copy, Mom.) This is my first short story publication and I am thrilled! And hooked! Now I want to write many many more short stories, and novels, and I will make the time, laundry and dirty dishes be damned.

2) I’m sick of my own writing voice. Like, the word “I” is really getting on my nerves. This happens from time to time, and usually signals I need a break from social media and blogging. So if I’m even more scarce than usual in the coming weeks, that’s why. Unless I come up with a marvelous (or slightly okay) idea for next Friday, it’ll be quiet here.

13 Responses to “Friday Two, the Whoops It’s Friday Edition”
  1. Oh! I should totally buy it and have you sign it!

  2. No. Not quiet. I’m not tired of your voice, especially in “Child.” I’m so thrilled this story found a home, Beth. It’s so unique and is one of those works that just deserves a special literary place in the world. I, too, am thrilled, QS! More, please.

  3. PB Rippey says:

    Looking forward to more short stories! So write on, write on, write on. Shhhhhhh….

  4. Maggie says:

    I also get sick of my own voice from time to time. All that “I, I, I” sounds so self-centered…

  5. Dionne Soares Palmer says:

    Beth, congratulations on the publication!! I can’t wait to read it!! My cousin and I finally started revising our novel draft–again (we got a bit delayed by work, baby-having, etc.), and I was just wondering how everything was going with you. Glad to see things are going well! 🙂

  6. glmorrison says:

    I followed a Facebook ad to Bourbon Penn and read all the stories, including “Child”. Finally following the link from Bourbon Penn to here, your wordpress blog. I enjoyed “Child” very much. But I have some conflicted feelings about its inclusion in a collection of primarily horror stories. I look forward to seeing it republished in the future in the company of peer stories of modern isolation and gender outlaws.

    • Beth Hull says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed “Child.” I also must say how happy I am with its inclusion in Bourbon Penn. It’s a journal of odd, speculative and thoughtful stories, some with horror elements, and others, like “Child,” with magical realism. What they all have in common is they make me, one reader, think about the stories long after I’ve read them, and relate them to life and love and longing. I do hope “Child” does that for people. While I see your point that “Child” might also make statements about gender and stereotypes, I’m very pleased with its company in this issue.

  7. Vicki Tremper says:

    Congrats, Beth! Hope you don’t disappear completely, but I understand how you feel. My break in the fall was absolutely crucial for me, and since then, I’ve been a bit slow on social media. Good luck on your new novel!

    • Beth Hull says:

      I think social media breaks are necessary, Vicki, and am heartened by your success with yours. This won’t be a real break, because I’ll still post, but I’m going to be a little gentler on myself this year, and if I don’t have anything to say, I can be quiet. For me, the important thing is the fiction – that’s what I want to be most focused on.

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