Pandora’s Lunch Box

Since last week’s Momming Around post was abandoned in favor of self-congratulation, let me offer a few actual momming tidbits here.

  1. Baby-to-be is a boy! We’re all excited, even Z, who said she wanted a sister. I’d kind of enjoyed thoughts of two little girls with that sister relationship I never had, but I’d also wanted a boy, so…yeah. Happy either way.
  2. Z’s lunch box is absolutely disgusting. While my morning sickness is mostly gone, I still have gag-moments. Opening up her lunch box today was one of those moments. Her school has a policy of kids taking home their leftover lunch, so parents/caregivers can see how much their child is actually eating. It’s a nice idea, and gives controlling, obsessive parents one extra bit of control. However, the sight – and scent – of a day-old cream cheese-and-jam sandwich had me gagging. Z had to take a break from breakfast to dump the offending food in the trash. Note to self: deal with lunch box as soon as Z gets home. The problem is, I put it off because it’s disgusting, and I never know what I’m going to find.
  3. Next week, she’s off from school. But Homes still has work, and there are currently no grandparents volunteering to come ease my pain. Am I a horrible stay-at-homie for considering the option to pay extra for a day of childcare next week? $30 for one day really isn’t so bad. Today is the last day to sign up.
  4. I’m awful. We’ll do play dates and get the house ready for Christmas instead.
  5. We’ll hate each other by Christmas.
  6. No. I will a) go to bed early each night, b) plan outtings to friends’ houses, the grocery store, the library, and wherever else I can think of, and c) liberally self-medicate with chocolate ice cream in the evenings.
  7. It’ll be fine. Really.
9 Responses to “Pandora’s Lunch Box”
  1. PB Rippey says:

    Well, I’m doing 2 days of school daycare and then leaping into Holidays-Super-Mommy. Of course, while the little man is away I will be cleaning the refrigerator, stove, floor around refrigerator and stove, etc., arrrgh——-you just take it easy and keep up that self-medication! And congratulations on a boy!

  2. You’ll be fine! Even if you hate each other by Christmas. And just think, you won’t have to clean out the lunchbox…

  3. michelle says:

    I’m facing the same pains, darling. If I had the $30 option, I’d SO take it. Why don’t we plan a get together next week? It would be a wonderful Christmas treat for us! And I promise not to bring along any offensive, gag-inducing food. 🙂

    • Beth Hull says:

      Michelle, yes, let’s! And the only food that makes me gag right now is the stuff that’s been in lunch boxes overnight. I promise not to bring any if you won’t. 😉

  4. Remember, me and Rachel are coming to distract you next Friday! 😀

  5. Vic says:

    I hope your week went well, playdates, gag-inducing lunches & all! 🙂

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